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Sayaka Miki
was Madoka Kaname's friend in the Anime, and manga.


Sayaka is one of the most outgoing of the magical girls in the series, as she is very compasionate as well as holding a strong sense of justice. She refused to allow people to die just so she could harvest more grief seeds, and used her one miracle to heal her friend Kyosuke.

In episode 8, she finds out that Kyubey has tricked her into becoming a Puella Magi. Since Kyubey told her that the soul gem was her actual soul, Sayaka began thinking that she was a zombie and if she got hurt, she could simply wish away the pain in her fights. She began to disconnect more and more from her friends and spent more time fighting witches, even refusing to purify her soul gem. This led to her mental decline and inevitable downfall.


Madoka Kaname, is her one and only her best friend in the series whom Sayaka cares deeply for her. When she begins to slip into despair she accuses Madoka of cowardness and letting her suffer in her stead. She later regrets this and goes further into isolation.

Kyoko Sakura. At first Sayaka and Kyoko were at odds over their differences in philosophy, but they later became friends when Kyoko tells her about how she got her wish and how they were similar about wishing for someone else's sake but Sayaka refused to stop caring for others. Despite this, Kyoko still offered Sayaka a grief seed during Sayaka's mental decline, but Sayaka refused.

Hitomi Shizuki. Hitomi was Sayaka's and Madoka's school friend who harbored secret feelings for Sayaka's friend, Kyousuke.

Kyousuke Kamijou. He was Sayaka's crush and was the starting point of her wish (which was to heal his hand so he could play the violin again)


Sayaka Miki is a friendly and serious person at times with her friends, Madoka Kaname and Hitomi Shizuki. Alongside with them, she was also caring to Kyousuke Kamijo, because of his hand that caused him to be unable to play the violin ever again. At the beggining of Episode 4, there is a preview of Miki's contract with Kyubey and therefore, Sayaka Miki is now a Puella Magi.( In other words: Magical Girl)

Later on in Episode 4, "Both Miracles and Magic Exist" Hitomi encounters a Witch's kiss, and Madoka is trapped with a bunch of strangers. Soon, the witch H.N Elly(Kirsten) forms a barrier and puts Madoka in danger. Sayaka comes to rescue her, killing the witch.

Sayaka's wish was to heal Kyousuke's hand , and it granted Sayaka superhuman-regenerating powers, as said from Kyubey thus in the battle between Kyoko Sakura and Sayaka Miki in Episode 5. 

During the the tension between the two magical girls, Hitomi tells Sayaka that she will confess to Kyosuke afterschool. Sayaka grows grieful and watches her behind a pole in a scene of the two talking happily.

She then thinks of herself that she cannot talk to Kyosuke because she thinks she is nothing but a zombie, a dead corpse pretending it is alive by the Soul Gem itself. Miki starts to have regrets since this event, soon she tires herself out by using all her magic so she can kill herself. She now believes, "If I don't have to feel it, then I don't have to" and doubts if the world is worth protecting.

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Sayaka in episode 7

Sayaka Miki, her soulgem getting corrupted and later breaks because of the grief she has in episode 8's ending. Most certainly, Kyouko and Sayaka have a farewell talk before Miki turns into a witch. They both have settled their arguments and have approved their peace. 


Madoka thinks Kyubey has tricked Sayaka. But in fact, all Magical girls have their wishes fullfilled and die in despair, their own wishes having left them, Sayaka's wish was to heal Kyousuke Kamijo's hand, right? So by contracting, she would vow her life to protect him and fight witches in return, as all Magica's are required to do. The wish she made caused her death.

Hitomi steals Kyousuke from her, and Sayaka thinks she has no more to fight for, and that people just use and abandon people. She believes that by dying, she would be freed from her contract and not have to fight witches anymore.


Sayaka as a witch

In episode 9, Oktavia Von Seckendorff is Miki's witch form.


  • She is voiced by Eri Katamura
  • The first character in her last name (美) means "beauty". The last character (樹) means "tree". Her name could also be written 幹 (tree trunk) or 神酒 (sake offered to the gods)
  • Her first name is written in hiragana, which has no special meaning. However, "sayaka" could also be written 明か (obvious) or 清か (clear)
  • =====She is also known as Blue among fans, or 'The Knight'.=====


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"Mami-san, my wish came true."
"There's no way I would regret this."
"I'm the happiest I could possibly be right now!"
- Sayaka Miki, Episode 5


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